The Marchesa Casati

by The Marchesa Casati

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This record contains all that remains of the short lifespan of The Marchesa Casati. The band was created in 2010 by Lorelei and Maurini, two years after they first met at a party in The Steeple in Waregem, which was then the ultimate gathering place for goths in Belgium. Needless to say, this self-named cd - which originally appeared in 2011 - caused a stir in the small Belgian deathrock community. Shortly after the release of The Marchesa Casati, it was announced that the band was looking for a live-guitarist in order to play gigs. Xheviour enthusiastically applied and was subsequently integrated in the band. The Marchesa Casati started rehearsing and continued writing new material. Alas, the band only played three concerts and disbanded definitely after the last concert in November 2012. The last two songs recorded by them are added as a bonus to this cd. It certainly makes sense to think that The Marchesa Casati would have achieved great things if they had survived longer. Still, it was a short but very exiting experience for all those involved, and we are thankful to all those who enjoyed and still enjoy the music.

PS: Please consider that all songs were recorded at home with a computer. The sound quality cannot be compared to that of a regular cd. Still, we think it’s great that way.


released April 25, 2011

The Marchesa Casati:
• Maurini: Voice, Lyrics
• Lorelei: Instruments, Lyrics

‘Thanks to everyone who trusted and supported us, all our friends and parents.’

‘Being different is a gift! People can laugh because you are different, because you look differently or think differently. Contrary to you, they are all too blind to see that they need someone to tell them what to think, do or wear. The societies think that because you are dressed in black, you are sad, but they definitely cannot understand that you do because of their spite, their silly way to think. Never change yourself; never submit to their whims, even for a job. You and we can turn on the light and erase the shadow. All together, we can change the world!’ - Lorelei

Cover by David Munster



all rights reserved


The Marchesa Casati Kuurne, Belgium

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Track Name: Bats
Ik ben dankbaar voor mezelf, voor wie ik ben.
Want niemand is zoals ik , ik ben niet beter dan hen
We zijn allen wie we zijn, en toch zijn we niemand

Ze noemen ons freaks, bats van de nacht
Ze noemen ons duisternis, bats van de nacht

Niet nadenken om woorden voor op een blanco blad
Niet huilen om de beek te vullen, in dit godvergeten stad
Track Name: Freaks (are not the ones you think)
Your staring eyes burn my skin
Your poisoned tongues destroy me in
I see your devil smile
Lead me to hell for a while
To live to die or to live to be alive

You're cursed to live in your illusion
Flashing stars and money
Your world is build on lies
But you're too much infected to realize

The way you act leads humankind to madness
Track Name: Into the Hole
Face to face with the wall of the cave
Where the shadows dance and symbolize the truth
Hand in hand the blind swallow this truth
Where the light transforms people into slaves

If a blind man guides a blind man
Both will fall into the hole

Doesn't life have a meaning
For them : wake-up, work and lie
Doesn't life have a meaning
For them : wake-up, work and die
Track Name: A Thousand Deaths
Mother, Mother, what has she done
Tears and blood, falling down like rain
Father, Father, what happened to your son
Heart of stone because of all the pain

Still you want to break through the sadness
You have buried them under ground
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Still a lot of questions

This cold sadness
A frozen heart
Come back, my beloved ones
I'll die a thousand deaths,
Until we meet again

Here, I sit at the front of your grave
I will not rest, I will not
Time heels wounds, they say
I know that pain in my heart will forever stay

This cold sadness
A frozen heart
Come back, my beloved ones
I'll die a thousand deaths,
Until we meet again…